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Verksted Gallery A Fine Arts & Crafts Cooperative
18937 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA  98370  Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 922 (360) 697-4470

Membership Director: Grace Harris (206) 719-8538;
New Member Application

   Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Verksted Gallery. We encourage you to read the information in this document describing the Gallery as you further consider submitting an application.  If you would like to leave us your information, please complete the Application on page 3 if you would like to apply now, or complete Page 4 of this packet and our Membership Director will contact you for further follow-up.
Gallery Information    

    The Verksted Gallery was founded in 1987, and is a fine arts & crafts cooperative art gallery located in Historic Downtown Poulsbo, Washington. The By-Laws of the Gallery outline various administrative positions performed by annually elected  Board members.

  Other members are appointed and volunteer for additional tasks as set forth by the Board.  The Gallery display area optimally provides for a maximum of 35 members to ensure proper quality and display of artwork.  It’s been a highly successful approach to selling unique, locally designed, and handcrafted art.  
   Operationally, a “Co-op” gallery requires that each artist actively participate in the gallery’s business by regularly working shifts, helping with day-to-day duties such as cleaning, and participating on committees that handle the display, marketing, website, display, supplies, etc.  Artists also pay a monthly rent and a small commission on each sale to the gallery. In exchange for members’ volunteer efforts, the gallery can afford to operate without paid staff, and the low commission rate makes the art very affordable for the customers.  Typically 25% of the displays are rotated monthly to keep the atmosphere fresh and members continually bring in new work. 

  In addition to working shifts, and other elected or volunteer assignments, as should be expected in a cooperative venture, all members are expected to attend the once-a-month member meeting to further take part in Gallery activities and decisions.  Gallery members foster a strong sense of partnership in a business, and our success depends on our members working well together. Bringing a new member to a satisfactory level of business competency involves mentoring and on-the-job training for all members.  It is important that a prospective member has a clear understanding of the level of commitment that a membership requires. We want artists who will succeed and to make a long-term commitment.
    If you are an artist considering membership at the Verksted Gallery, congratulations!

The Gallery is a wonderful place to sell your work, a great place to befriend fellow artists, and to continue your art and your creativity.   We consider ourselves partners in a business and our success depends on our members working together and making a commitment for the long term. 
  Work Shifts:  The Gallery operating hours is 10am-5:30 pm daily, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and emergency conditions that require Gallery closings, such as snow or power outages.  Each member signs up two months in advance to complete a total of sixteen hours (may vary) per month.  This is typically broken down into two full days, or four half-day shifts in a month and is critical as two members are ‘on-duty’, managing the gallery during operating hours at all times. In addition to working shifts, and because this is a cooperative venture, all members are expected to contribute their time and efforts with various duties in running the gallery and its activities.  There are no paid employees. 
Sales and Commissions:  A commission of 15% is charged on all cash and credit transactions, with the first $75 exempt from commission. In addition, each artist pays a standard fee for credit card sales. A member receives a monthly check for their sales, less  fees, on or before the 10th of the following month.  
 Rent and Insurance:  Each month before the 10th, each member pays $60 in rent. If their rent is not received at the gallery by the 10th, a late fee of $10 is then due.   New artists pay the following fees: a $5 key deposit, the first and sixth’s months’ rent. The sixth’s month rent goes towards their rent on the sixth month, and no rent will be due that month (if the artist is no longer in the gallery at that time, however, that fee is not refundable). Note: the Gallery currently pays an insurance fee for gallery fixtures and not for artwork – each artist is responsible for their own artwork and insurance coverage.    

 Screening Applicants:  Once an applicant submits a completed application, the information will be evaluated for further screening, depending on whether there is a vacancy, the quality of work and if there is a place for the applicant’s medium. Meeting these conditions, the applicant will be invited to an initial screening. At this time the applicant submits five representative samples of his/her work, clearly marked with retail prices, along with a resume, artist’s statement, and other supportive materials. The Membership Committee will meet with the applicant at the Gallery to discuss his/her work, and evaluate it for: quality, originality, marketability, and overall appropriateness to our gallery. At that time the applicant will also be evaluated for appropriateness as a possible member, and will have the opportunity to ask questions about the gallery and its operations. The applicant’s artwork and materials will be left with the Membership Chairman.     

Voting:  The final screening (without the applicant) takes place at the monthly membership meeting, on or before the 10th of each month. The Membership Committee presents the applicant’s work and voices any recommendations for acceptance or rejection of the applicant. A balloted vote is taken, and the results are announced and recorded in the minutes. The following day, or soon thereafter, the Membership Chairman will inform the applicant of the result of the vote, and coordinate with the applicant to pick up his/her work samples as soon as possible. If an applicant has been accepted for membership he/she will receive further instructions. New artists become active the month following their acceptance into the gallery.

NOTE:  Rates/fees are subject to change without notice
Verksted Gallery A Fine Arts & Crafts Cooperative
Application Form
I have read the application information and wish to apply for membership.
(Please print clearly) Date ____________________ Name  ________________________________________________________________
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 City/State/Zip __________________________________________________________
 Home phone ______________________ Cell phone  ___________________________
 E-mail ___________________________ Website  _____________________________
 Washington State Dept. of Revenue #  ______________________________________
 Art Medium  ___________________________________________________________
 I am applying for membership because: (please provide a short statement) 
I will bring the following pieces of artwork to the initial screening. I will mark each item clearly with the title (if appropriate), medium, and retail price. (Do not bring more than five items). 
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 5.    _______________________________________________________________
Please submit this page of the application only to the Membership Director. Keep the other pages for your information. You can leave it at the gallery, or mail it in. Do not leave your artwork or photos at the gallery before you are called for your screening. Thank you

New Member Contact 
Thank you for your interest in the Verksted Gallery. 
If you would like our Membership Director to contact you before you complete your Application Form, please leave this page at the gallery or feel free to call her directly.
If not, please discard this form. Thank you.
Date ________________________
Name  ________________________________________________________________
 Address  ______________________________________________________________
 City/State/Zip __________________________________________________________
 Home phone ______________________ Cell phone  ___________________________
 E-mail ___________________________ Website  _____________________________
 Art Medium  ___________________________________________________________
Attention Gallery Front Desk:    Please place this completed form in the Membership Director’s pocket#115 in the office. Thanks