Marcia Peterson

   I began my artistic career as an illustrator. My work is still seen in exhibits
around the United States. Over the years I enjoyed many art careers from large murals, handprinted sinks to one of a kind fairies.

   In 2015 I returned to my first love. Drawing. I deconstruct memories, dreams, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of childhood and adult culture. I use Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils and or a 4/0 Rapidograph technical pen and sepia permanent ink. I draw on Arches Hot press archival paper. I prefer to wear an OptiVisor as this removes the discomfort I experience from glasses and keeps me very focused on my work. Only when I’ve finished a piece will a story reveal itself.

   My one of a kind art dolls stand less then 5 inches tall. Each tiny face is sculpted after the likeness of a child that I know and love.
Outfits are a collection of hand dyed silk, vintage and antique fabrics, lace and trims that might have started out as a costume on Broadway or perhaps even the Moulin Rouge. I use these materials to capture a sense of wonder in each piece.

   I  believe the doorway to imagination is a great big door. The first time I walked through it I was five years old, sitting in my mother’s garden. I had a firsthand encounter with a fairy. Over in the blink of an eye, the memory stayed with me until my hands could finally accomplish what my heart had seen so long ago.

   Now when I close my eyes at the end of the day, my mind takes me on a journey to magical places. Sometimes the stories follow me back into the morning where I fill my studio with new art

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Pam Sanders

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Pam is a very eclectic artist. She has been creating art since highschool. It all started sewing and went on from there.
   Handsculpted dolls got her into her first gallery, which she still belongs to. Polymer clay is her medium of choice. it gives her free reign over her creations.

   Pam has brought back her mixed media paintings. She has been painting up a storm in the last few weeks.
   She doesn't see herself as an artist, but an artisan. "I use  every craft  and fine art trick in the book to get results" she says. Being  a MAKER is what she is.
   Jewelry has been a passion for at last 20 years. She creates mini sculptures for the wearer. She makes everything form the focal bead to the closure.