Eileen Schneegas

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    A vitreous enamellist (one who fuses ground glass to metal, using high heat), will sometimes refer to their art as the art of surprise. You are never quite sure of the result. Each piece is one of a kind as each piece is prepared and kiln fired individually. I can make earrings similar to one another, but never an exact duplicate. 
   My work includes wearable designs (brooches, earrings and pendants) and also decorative work for the home or office in framed wall pieces, small 3 dimensional objects and as part of functional items such as boxes. I will do commissioned pieces occasionally.
   My background is in art, theatre and interior design. Gypsies raised me (or so it seemed!) and then I married a Navy Submariner. I have moved house frequently, counting New Jersey, Florida, California (several times), Hawaii, Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington and London, England as temporary homes. I have traveled the US extensively and Europe and Asia less extensively.
   I take my inspiration from all my travel as well as the natural world around me. My heart holds a special place for companion animals and a goal is to create at least one of each of the recognized terrier breeds.

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