Monthly Featured Artists

Each month, we feature some of our artists up at the front of the gallery. Usually 3 to 4 artists are featured for the month as well as Artwalk. These artists bring in new work at this time.

Ashlee Reese

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           Reese was born in Washington in 1989. She spent her youth growing up in Hawai’i, which helped her develop a unique passion for nature, culture, and art from a young age. She moved back to her birth state nearly 10 years ago to pursue her education and soak in the Northwestern atmosphere. A Master’s student in Psychology, Ashlee fills her work with rich metaphors and witty observations.
            Ashlee’s primary medium is split between her love for black & white images and highly saturated colored works. To achieve these pieces, she blends graphite and charcoal to create smoky depictions of real life subjects. In her colored works, she mixes layers of watercolor, ink, and colored pencils to create stunning displays of realism.
            She has shown at both Art in the Woods and the Bainbridge Island Studio tour, and graduated with Honors this year with her major in Professional Counseling. Currently, she is proud to reside at the Verksted Gallery among the rich talents of other artists.
Artist Statement
            “My goal through art is to highlight the beauty of wildlife, philosophy, and the human psyche. By combining these elements, my desire is to offer both thought provoking and humorous pieces to my admirers. Life is never stagnant and I like to follow suit. In such, I am not committed to one, singular medium. Instead, I like to focus on which medium best serves the subject individually.”

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Stephanie McGuire

    Stephanie is a leather ARTIST.  Her work is meticulous, and her original designs are simple and functional, and can also be quite elegant.
   Stephanie’s interest in leather design began in her early twenties when she  worked under   Seattle’s well known designer,  Michael Green, who was making leather handbags for Nordstrom at the time.  Her love for leather blossomed during this time, and continues today.         
   Stephanie has been a member of the Verksted Gallery in Poulsbo for over 15 years, but her life as an artist was put on hold during this time when she became a mother of three daughters. When her first girl was born, the baby’s aunt made her a pair of red leather booties.  Stephanie loved them, and these little red booties were passed from one sister down to the next and the next.  The girls loved the soft supple fabric with the ability on the bottom to grip the floor  - they were perfect for children and they never wore out.
   When the girls had all outgrown the booties, Stephanie took them apart and studied and re-worked the design, and from there her art blossomed into the exquisite and colorful booties, bags, back packs and accessories in leather that she designs and makes today.